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Rimonabant is used for the treatment of Obesity and related conditions.
It is also known as a class of therapeutic agents called Cannabinoid-1 Receptor Blockers.


Rimonabant was concentrated to be utilized correlative to eating diet and exercise to treat obesity or overweight patients who experience the ill effects of sort 2 diabetes and strange levels of fat in the blood.
Rimonabant could likewise keep the danger of cardiovascular sickness.
Patients with large waist are benefitted the most as it reduced their waist size.
Patients who suffer from obesity and fats are likely to benefit the most by taking Rimonabant, it reduces the craving of food as a result it makes it possible for the obese and heavy weight patients to loose weight effectively. An Obese patient knows how difficult it is for them to carry heavy weight so it is a serious problem which can be treated by Rimonabant, exercise and eating healthy diet. During a few months of treatment on an average 30% of patient lose 15-25 Pounds of weight which can be maintained easily and do not regain the lost weight.


As every medicine has one or the other side effects. Here are some side effects of Rimonabant.As every medicine has one or the other side effects. Here are some side effects of Rimonabant.Studies says that some of the side effects of rimonabant are psychological. Overdose of rimonabant can also take you to depression and as a result medical treatment might be required to treat depression. Rimonabant is always considered as an anti smoking medicine. Some of the patients experienced and reported extreme anxiety levels after taking Rimonabant. Nausea and vomiting can be other side effects of rimonabant. To summarize, the adverse effects of Rimonabant are • Gastrointestinal Problems – One of the noted side effects are diarrhea, excessive thirst, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal disorders. • Skin and Hair Problem – Excessive sweating and itching has been reported. • Musculoskeletal Problems – Joint Pain, back pain, inflammation and pain, and crams and spasm in muscles are common side effects. • Nervous System – Depression, memory loss, anxiety, mood swings, dizziness, diarrhea and sleep disorder.
Rimonabant is not meant for the use of pregnant women and those who are planning for a child. Consult your doctor is you find any unusual behaviour while taking acomplia.It is advised not to used rimonabant if you breast feed your child.


Store rimonabant in room temperature in a cold and dry place, do not store the medicine in bathroom. Keep it safe and away from children. It is advised not to share or resell this medication as it is a criminal offence.


There are chances for you to miss the dosage particularly if the human services proficient endorsed you to take it for a few times in a day. On the off chance that the time is near the next dose then its better avoid taking the missed dose.
It is advised not to take the missed dose along with the next dose to compensate as it can lead to overdose of rimonabant. Medicinal help will be required for this situation.

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